How to Build a Bunion – Part 1

For those who participated in the PNWU Run For Your Life 5K Run Health Fair, you may want to consider your foot alignment and how a foot turnout while running can contribute to the painful condition of a bunion.

Michele McGinnis

A bunion, aka Hallux Valgus, is the most common foot deformity in adults. It presents as a lateral protrusion of the big toe joint. Inflammation with reddening and swelling, pain, and numbness are often present. In more severe cases, the toe deviates medially toward the other toes, sometimes going completely sideways and moving under them. Bunions impair weight bearing and balance, increase the risk of falling, and worsen physical performance and quality of daily life.

If you are sitting, stand up, walk across the room, come back and remain standing. Really, do this before you read further or you might influence the results.

Now, look at your feet. Do they look like this?

Feet definitely not pointing straight ahead. Feet definitely not pointing straight ahead.

Most do. So what, you might ask? Why does it matter? I counter with a question. Would you want these wheels on your car? I didn’t think so. Our feet, like…

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