Barbie Foot – January 6, 2005

For those who participated in the PNWU Run For Your Life 5K Run Health Fair, you may want to consider this exercise as a way to care for your feet after this and any run.

Michele McGinnis

Remember the bit about our feet having 33 joints each? And the other bit about how we rarely use all those joints because our feet are often casted in shoes, walking on flat uninteresting surfaces, or not moving at all? This exercise, Barbie Foot, is great for mobilizing your foot joints, improving blood flow (aka tissue food) and cellular waste removal, maybe even lowering your blood pressure!

A video of Barbie Foot is available on my Facebook page.

Sit on the floor with your legs extended out in front of you – in Dandasana for the yogis/yoginis out there. If you are not used to sitting on the floor, it may become fatiguing or otherwise uncomfortable, so try sitting with your back against a wall or on a bolster or stack of folded blankets. Place your hands on the floor alongside your hips for additional support, or, if you are…

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