I am a yoga teacher and movement practitioner. My desire is to help my students:

  • practice presence in their practice through breath, concentration, and enquiry
  • explore healthy, active ranges of motion to improve strength, flexibility, and mobility. 
  • understand how life’s conveniences and comforts may be keeping them from essential movements

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The single most significant factor in my recovery from spinal reconstruction surgery (and subsequent stroke) has been Michele’s support with her Footlove Yoga Workshop and private sessions to develop my skills. I relearned to walk and move with the help of physical therapists. But what a breakthrough when I learned to use all the bones in my feet to balance! Not only could I walk again, but I could walk confidently with the knowledge that my feet could help me keep my balance. I have gone from walking carefully with a cane to walking a brief bit on the Pacific Crest Trail for my 70th birthday. Thank you Michele, for helping me get my life back!” Jan Dahl

“Michele, I can never thank you enough for your wisdom and help. Your wise insights about persistent pain really helped reset my attitude from a victim mentality to believing that it’s ok and I can move on with my wonderful life. The isometric poses have enabled me to feel stronger and so much better about my body.” Cheryl Hopkins

“Michele McGinnis is one of my favorite yoga instructors. I value her emphasis on listening to my body, and not trying to force or over extend. She is very knowledgeable about muscle/skeletal issues and how to modify correctly to avoid injury.  She is also a wonderful role model for living in harmony with my body and experiencing the grace and beauty of yoga.  I recommend her highly.” Criss Bardill

Michele combines her background of years of yoga immersion with her passion for movement based research.   Michele has the ability to condense her love of biomechanics into straightforward cues that inspire you to achieve YOUR optimal health. Easy going, creative and passionate, her enthusiasm for improved movement patterns is contagious.” Megan Tweedy.

“Michele’s teaching style and in-depth knowledge about the body and body movement along with her gentle nature are the perfect combination for learning and practicing yoga.” Gilbert Plascencia. 

Learning to balance, building strength and moving my joints:  These are all the things I have been able to do with the help of Michele McGinnis.  In addition, I’ve become more aware of the need to focus on the health of my feet.  Michele is a great teacher who explains why all of these things are so important to maintaining overall health as I age.” Jackie Hertel.

Michele is an incredible teacher. She is constantly researching to deepen her knowledge and stay current with the newest information in her fields. Her passion for helping others comes through in her teaching, as does her kindness and sense of humor. Michele has been a great resource for me, personally and professionally. She has made me a better, more knowledgeable instructor. The things I’ve learned from her have changed the way I live my life and improved the quality of life for my whole family.” Maddie Hicks

I have gained so much helpful knowledge from Michele’s footlove workshops, classes and tutorials. I am happy to have increased mobility in my feet and toes and in turn my practice is so much more stable from the ground up. The knowledge I’ve gained from Michele has helped me move through my daily life with ease and confidence. I now have a solid home practice that incorporates so many helpful tidbits that benefit my body from my head to my toes. I’m currently 9 months pregnant and I feel so strong because I can move in and out of most yoga poses with ease, my alignment is solid from the ground up, I feel so good. Thank you Michele!” Sara Purdey. 

I attended Michele’s yoga classes at our athletic club. Her instruction was so thorough and her style so inclusive and non-judgmental, I wanted more time with her. I have benefitted from both class and private settings. She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body. She specializes in alternate positions and avoiding injuries. She continually invests in on-going  education and training. I am physically and emotionally healthier when I practice with her and follow her suggestions.” Gayle Scholl

Michele is an amazing teacher, but more than that, she has a spirit about her that can’t really be described. She brings such a uniqueness to her teaching. Her knowledge of anatomy is unsurpassed by any teacher I have had the privilege of experiencing. Her classes are thoughtful and accessible to every yogi at every level in their practice. I learn from her every time I step on the mat in one of her classes.” Lashel Church

I have attended many classes with Michele since 2011.These have included individual sessions focusing on evaluation of my own practice and on relieving stress, group classes for both beginner and intermediate students, gentle yoga, foot love workshops and more. Michelle brings thoughtfulness, a bit of humor, easily understood explanations and clear concern for her students to every session. Her professionalism, calm demeanor and well researched information ensure that her students will learn from every session and look forward to returning again and again.” Linda King

Michele embodies yoga! She is a student first and foremost and generously shares what she learns from her studies while teaching. Michele deeply understands the anatomy and physiology of the human body.  Michele makes yoga accessible. She thoughtfully sequences poses by explaining, demonstrating and then observing her students in the pose. She empowers her students and provides “real time” feedback and necessary props so that students experience the pose in THEIR body physically. Michele has greatly inspired me in my own practice and I consider her one of my very best teachers. The Yakima yoga community is extremely fortunate to have her leadership, vision and dedication.” Anna Marie Dufault. 

Michele is a person who moves through the world, and in her yoga instruction with the deepest of respect. Respect for her student first and foremost respect for the human body —what it is able of achieving. She plans her classes with the fullest of intention, forethought and planning. Her verbal cues are clear, considerate and easy to follow. For me as her student, when I enter into the class or her video programing, I know will have the highest of quality experience with the utmost of safety and I will emerge from the experience with a deeper understanding of myself and my body.” Laurie Kanyer. 

Michele McGinnis is a gifted teacher who has a deep understanding of both the practice of yoga and the research that best informs the practice.  She is well versed in the anatomy of muscles, fascia and joints and ways in which to best support their function and minimize any risk of injury.  Michele is fascinated with movement and committed to helping others maximize their ability to live in harmony with their bodies.  Michele is passionate about our community and has created a yoga cooperative to make yoga accessible to those who have limited financial resources.  In short, Michele is a beautiful, talented, wise and compassionate person that I feel very blessed to know.” Gail Fast

I met Michele when she was teaching Yoga at the YMCA.  My husband went to her class (his first Yoga class) and raved about her.  I found her to be knowledgeable and patient and attentive to the needs of her students in the class. She was so in tune with the students and helped them with any special needs that they had.  I am an older student and was having trouble with flexibility in the class.  Michele showed me how to use various props to support myself as I gained flexibility.  Later I asked Michele to help me with some private lessons due to some health issues I was having.  I don’t know if she just knew what to do for me or whether she did some research on my particular problems,  but what she taught me helped tremendously!” Lucy & Jeff Stevens