FootLove Yoga’s Online Offerings!

I’ve added Online Classes to the menu with links to video shorts of me demonstrating how to use yogasana and other movement exercises to:

  • Improve strength to weight ratio – see if you are strong enough to hold/move your own weight
  • Train active mobility – add eccentric, isometric, and concentric action to yogasana, which is actually how you get more flexible, if that is your goal
  • Stay within your boundaries – learn your functional end ranges of motion, how to get there, and how to get stronger there

Also, you can use the Online Classes menu item to get to $5 Alignment Snacks. I often get asked how I learned what I teach. I read and train a lot, but those who most inform my current yoga teaching are highlighted in this post. I trained and certified in Restorative Exercise™ under Katy Bowman. You can learn straight from Katy with these killer 30 – 60 minute exercise videos, called Alignment Snacks, that you download, own, and view as often as you like for only $5 each! This is a fantastic deal.