Foot Fetishes & Boobs – 2015 in Review

WordPress, the platform that hosts my blog, has a handy Stats section. Its like selfies for blogs. Enjoy some highlights from 2015.

Strangest search terms & phrases that resulted in my blog:

  • glitter graphics cavus doggy bag
  • yoga boobs
  • sleeping on floor prevents ancestors from helping
  • yogasan to toilet stop picture
  • bouncing breasts in burka
  • yoga pose mound clothing
  • large natural boobs in yoga tops
  • what do you call thrusting your body and shoulders at another person
  • bunion fetish 2015
  • basic mixed fruits recipes
  • footlove with dogs
  • small boobs gym yoga
  • yoga poses gals feet picture feet

As you can see, I’m quite the shit in foot fetish circles. Likes are likes.

Views from Countries that I’ve never heard of:

  • St. Vincent & Grenadines
  • Timor-Leste
  • Mauritius
  • Mayotte
  • New Caledonia
  • Isle of Man
  • Turks & Caicos Islands
  • Côte d’Ivoire
  • Montenegro
  • Cape Verde
  • Benin
  • Northern Mariana Islands
  • Suriname

I’ve always been spectacularly stupid about geography. I am otherly abled.

Top 10 Most popular blog posts:

  1. Sweat is 99% Water, 1% Natural Stuff and 0% Toxins
  2. Busting other yoga myths with biomechanics
  3. Yoga and bone density – another myth?
  4. My Top 25 Movements at My Standing Work Station
  5. Sleeping on a mattress is the new sitting
  6. Your Flat Feet are Exhausting
  7. Bras, the Burkas of the Western World
  8. The King is dead. Long live the king.
  9. To all the shoes I’ve loved before
  10. Strong At Any Length

Namaste, Michele

How High is Your Wall?

In an earlier post on boobs, I mentioned upper body movements that are missing in the lives of many – pushing, digging, lifting, carrying, prying, hoisting, pulling, throwing, reaching, hanging, climbing, pounding, peeling, swinging, ripping, and dragging.  Because we have not regularly done most of these things for most of our lives, we have relatively weak upper bodies that fatigue easily and are prone to stress injuries. Baseline strength to weight ratio is bleak in many of us. Visualize the following scenario to see how your upper body would fare. Then go out and find some walls. Or better yet, rock faces, boulders, and trees.

Imagine that you are approaching a series of smooth concrete walls that you have to go over because there is no way to go under or around them.

The first wall is is only as high as your mid shin. Easy, you step on or over it and you’ll be on your way.

The next wall is higher, but only about knee high. Pretty easy. You step on or over it. However, you may have to turn sideways and take some of the load into your hip to step down because that damn knee.

The next wall is mid-thigh height. Can  you step up onto it and jump down on the other side? Or maybe you have to straddle it or sit on it and swing your legs around. Or maybe a combination of sitting and straddling.

The next wall gets interesting. It’s hip height. Can you still step up on? Can you do it with either leg leading? Do you sit and swing your legs? Straddle and schmear your junk?

The next wall is waist high. Can you hoist yourself up onto the wall?  Do you use momentum or slow muscle control? Do you have to jump down to the other side or can you lower yourself down face forward, controlling your descent with the strength of your  back and triceps?

The next wall is chest high. Have you ever mantled? Mantling is an intermediate level move used in rock climbing, where you press or push the mass of your pelvis high enough to be able to get a foot onto the same ledge so that you can stand up. Its not dissimilar to how your might press or push yourself up and out of a swimming pool. Can you get that foot up or do you make that classic beginning-climber move of mantling only until you can get one or both knees up, literally crawling onto the ledge, in the poorest of form. Can you mantle this wall? How do you get down? Can you envision lowering yourself down, backwards, by only eccentric action of your arms?

The next wall is as tall as you. If you were unable to mantle on the previous wall, the outlook is grim, because now you will have to pull yourself up high enough to change the orientation of your hands so that you can mantle. If you are a climber, now is a good time to throw a heel hook. Are you strong enough in your hands, wrists, forearms, shoulder girdle, and core to pull up the weight you are carrying? What would you do if you turned around and a mountain lion was there ready to pounce? While still unlikely, it is ever more conceivable that a concrete retaining wall and a mountain lion would be in such proximity.

The final wall is as tall as your fully reaching hands.

How high is the wall that shows you your boundaries? How high is the wall that stops you?

How high is your wall?

Namaste, Michele