Who is this Katy Bowman and why is she such a disruptive technology?

I am studying to be a Restorative Exercise Specialist™ with Katy Bowman. Katy started out studying mathematics, switched to physics, and finally landed on biomechanics, which is the study of how mechanical principles (forces & loads) affect living structures like the human body. After completing her undergraduate degree in biomechanics, she worked for 10 years in the fitness industry as an instructor and trainer of many different exercise modalities. She then returned to school to complete a masters degree in biomechanical engineering, where she pursued her growing interest in cellular biomechanics. This mixing of her academic knowledge in geometry, physics, engineering, physiology, and anatomy with her experiential knowledge of fitness and movement psychology makes a powerful brew of whole body health and provokes a radical departure from fitness as we have known it. I am endlessly fascinated, mind-boggled, maddened, challenged, and always entertained by her brilliant, down to earth treatment of and conviction about whole body health and wellness. My studies with Katy have transformed my body, my yoga practice, my teaching, my house(!), and my movement choices in unexpected, enduring, completely satisfying ways.

I am excited to be in the review phase of this program and at a place, where I feel a bit more confident sharing my understanding of Restorative Exercise™  aka RE, which is not a movement program, but a living program that emphasizes all day, everyday, aligned, natural whole body movement. Topics in upcoming posts during this review phase will be about fitness/exercise, cardiovascular health, blood physics, muscle physiology, alignment points, movement nutrition, mechanotransduction, walking/gait, squatting, casting, breathing mechanics, osteoporosis,  and individual areas of the body – knees, hips, shoulders, etc.; oh, and feet of course!

**Because I work in the yoga world, I need to make a clarification. Restorative Exercise™ is not restorative yoga in any way, shape or form. The RE name is an unfortunate, confusing choice for those of us who also happen to be yoga instructors. Sigh.

Learn more about Katy Bowman and RE.

Namaste, Michele

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