Foot Fortunes

On Saturday, I will teach a free Foot Love Workshop for the Yoga Collective of Yakima. Participants will stretch, strengthen, and mobilize their feet to improve circulation, cellular waste removal, and nerve health. They will learn how the shoes they wear, the way they position their bodies, and how and how much they move their feet impacts not only their feet, but their whole body. One of the games we will play (yes, games are happening) is Foot Fortunes. A Foot Fortune is simply a general statement about feet or a consequence of your behavior towards your feet. Since you may not be able to come the workshop, let’s play a round now. Pick a secret number between one and five. The number you chose is your Foot Fortune:

  1. If your feet are alive, they can change and improve, no matter what they’ve been doing (or not doing) up to now.
  2. The current state of your feet is an indicator of how well you will be able to move as you get older. See Foot Fortune 1.
  3. If your feet are wider than your shoes, you are damaging your big toe joints.
  4. Each toe, just like each finger, has its own set of muscles that allow it to move independently. Your feet have  potential for the same dexterity as your hands.
  5. The arch of your foot is merely a shape created by what the muscles and bones are doing.

Namaste, Michele

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