Party Games with Your Feet – January 7, 2015

How Big is Your Foot? How Big is Your Shoe?

To play this simple, but exciting game you will need:

  • a foot
  • a shoe – use the one you wear the most
  • paper
  • pen or marker

1. Trace an outline of your foot onto the paper. Be especially neat and precise around the toe box, tracing each individual toe.

2. Trace an outline of the toe box of the shoe over that of the outline of your foot. You have to be careful here to get the actual toe box size because many shoes, especially athletic shoes, have a flared edges on their soles that make the footprint seem bigger than it is. Try turning the shoe over and tracing only the outline of the actual toebox that contains your foot. Alternatively, you could lay your shoe on top of your drawing if your shoe does not have a flared edge.

You lose if your toe box is the same size or smaller than your foot outline, which means that your toes are cramped, the muscles between your toes are tight and weak, and you probably have a bunion in the making. Oh, and your feet smell too.

You win if your toe box is bigger than your foot outline, which means it allows your toes to spread inside your shoes.

Here’s how I made out.

Barefoot tracing

Barefoot tracing







Namaste, Michele

2 responses to “Party Games with Your Feet – January 7, 2015

    • Hi Elizabeth. Please make sure to break them in slowly. A mistake that I and many others have made is to go from a full time conventional shoe to a full time barefoot shoe. Your feet will not adapt well to the loads produced by the Vibrams if you try to wear them too much at first. At the first sign of tenderness, back off. I wear mine mainly on natural surfaces and very little on asphalt or concrete.


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