Foot Love Workshop

footlovecoverMobile, flexible, and strong feet are healthy feet. Each of your feet has 26 bones, 33 joints, and 100’s of muscles, tendons, & ligaments. In fact, 25% of your muscles and nerves are dedicated to your feet. In this playful workshop, we move, stretch, and strengthen all of them! Improving sensory perception and motor control of your feet, combined with properly aligning your body in relation to them, aid in prevention and/or rehabilitation of many foot problems. Not only will you learn how to love your feet, you are sure to have plenty of fun doing so!

Cost: $200 for a 2 hour session.

Contact or 865-235-8278 to schedule a Foot Love Workshop for your family, group, organization, or business.

Here’s what people are saying about my Foot Love Workshop:

Michele is an educated and effective teacher who has a passion for sharing her understanding of yoga practices in general, and foot care specifically. She is creative, playful and open to the needs of her students. I’ve been practicing yoga for almost 10 years without much awareness of the anatomy and qualities of healthy feet. Since practicing with Michele, in class and through her engaging workshops, I have learned to include healthy movement for my feet as part of every yoga practice. I often share her FootLove Yoga blogs with others and I am grateful for such a thoughtful and inspiring yoga teacher in my community!  Lesley Carlson, Yakima

At the end of a yoga class with Michele, I mentioned that my foot had been bothering me for several weeks, the plantar fascia, and I was thinking about getting an MRI. Was even starting to walk funny.  Michele said she had an idea that would probably be very helpful.  She showed me how to scrunch up my bottom foot muscle [short foot exercise] to strengthen it.  I did just a few of those with Michele, and decided I would do those daily, going forward.  Well, I completely forgot the next day and didn’t think about it till the following day.  Then I realized my foot had not hurt at all the previous day!  Just those few foot exercises had really made a difference!  I was very grateful!  I also had the opportunity to attend Michele’s Foot Love workshop soon after this, and gained several more great ideas to keep my flat feet strengthened and pain-free. Lisa, K., Yakima

My experience in the Foot Love Yoga class has been life changing. Not only did I have an experience that helped me with foot issues I was having, but I realized the radical extent of taking care of my feet.  I’ve also been following the techniques at home and have noticed the physical benefit of relief, strength and health to my feet. I’ve also experienced a mindfulness of how I know and treat my feet. Thank you Michele, for introducing me to my feet! Yesenia Hunter, Yakima

When I had taken the “Foot Love” Workshop I was Incredibly Impressed with the class. What brought me there in the first place was that I was having a very sharp foot pain on my left side. In this class I learned A lot about the Mechanics of my feet and it brought me into much more “Body awareness”.  I was taught exercises that I could do at home that would help to ease the pain…and I am no longer having issues with it. It was a Wonderful experience with  Great insight on Body Mechanics…Not to mention Incredible Instructions. Thank you Michele…You are an Incredible Contribution to our Area! Rebecca Gibbs, Yakima

Michele is a top level instructor who teaches to all levels with grace and authority. She knows her stuff- alignment, musculature, asanas and alternatives where needed. Every class is a learn/grow opportunity. Her foot love is an awakening – Try it! Julia McHugh, Yakima

I have taken many gentle yoga classes with Michele. One of my favorite (and most often requested) was any class emphasizing the structure of the foot. Michele has an incredible  knowledge of the intricate bones and muscles of the feet, and could help us during these yoga stretches understand how to strengthen  and manipulate these muscles to bring about flexibility and relief. As a professional  career woman I wore heels for 30 years. My feet now need all the attention  they can get! By following her instructions I am even able to work on easing the terrible cramping that I get at night. She is an excellent  teacher and greatly popular for her gentle and caring nature. Peggy Schaffer,Yakima

Yoga with Michele is one of the best things I do for myself and her foot love class is amazing!  I learned so much in two hours about how to take care of my feet, what we do right and wrong and how to correct the wrongs.  My feet never felt so good and I use the information regularly.  I wish I had started these techniques when I was much younger but am very grateful to have them now to ease my way into my mid- 60’s. Cecilia Vogt, Yakima


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