Why this blog?

I learn by writing. FootLove Yoga is where I write about what I know and what I am learning about  yoga, alignment, biomechanics, stretching, fascia, walking & gait, squatting, sitting, and, of course, ankles & feet.

I am not an expert on feet or alignment or fascial tissue or any of the subjects that I write about, but I hope to bring to bear my expertise as a former research librarian and current student of many body movement fields, to take potentially complicated information, distill it, and communicate it to you so that you can take charge of the health of your feet and all that they carry.

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6 responses to “Why this blog?

  1. You’ve put your finger -or perhaps your “foot finger”, as we call it in español – on some foundational topics. The depth and resources offered are much appreciated!


  2. Hey Michelle- this is Alex, Diana’s sister. I followed her cupcake comment to you and found this blog- “ahhhhh”!!! I run daily and do other crazy exercise regimens and my feet have been f’d for years. Surgeries and shots, even the torturous RFT have never helped but these methods seem to make so much more difference! I will be following this with much anticipation!! If u ever get to Atlanta Id love to c U!


    • Hi Alex!! I’m so happy that you are finding some relief. I’ll be posting soon on shoe selection, which is a big factor in foot pathology, but probably one of the hardest things for people to change. We got to visit with Diana in San Diego a year or so ago. She is so much fun. I miss her. I’m hoping to make it to TN in 2015 – it’s been over three years. Take care and keep in touch – let me know have any questions.


  3. I love what you are writing about. Since starting to listen to the liberated body podcast about a year ago, I have come across people like Katy Bowman, Jules Mitchell and many people with views who have changed my teaching. I am also a yoga teacher ( just 2 classes/week). I notice that you have had yin yoga training. I wonder if you still teach yin yoga and what your thoughts are about the practice. One of the classes I teach is called yin yoga, but the way I teach it has been influenced by what I have learned and continue to research about biomechanics. A recent love of mine is walking and feet and posture. I bring those into the other class I teach.
    Thank you for writing this blog! I will be reading along.


    • Hi June, I grateful for your comment. My relationship with yin is a little murkier than before. I haven’t taught it regularly for well over a year, but having nothing to do with the practice – just conditions/prop challenges at the places I’ve been teaching. I’ve had some discussions with Jules about yin and received a more nuanced explanation from her several months ago, when I expressed dismay over what I perceived to be detracting remarks/tone in her writings about long-held postures. I am about to compile my current thinking and my understanding of those months-ago clarifying remarks, against the backdrop of the the workshop I just took with her this weekend and in light of some new new research that has nuanced her own thinking about long held postures. Stay tuned…Michele


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