Restorative Movement

berry pickingYou are how you move, how much you move, and how much of you moves. The body you have now was created from your movement history – habits that left parts of you painful and immobile, while other parts continue to express health. Your body – all the way down to your cells is impacted by the movements you do and those movements missing from your life.

Restorative Movement is concerned with improving movement nutrition, which, like a nutritious diet, is richly varied and well balanced. A restorative movement session includes:

  • Corrective alignment and exercises that target specific body parts that may be troubling you.  Parts that either don’t move much or don’t move well.
  • Life-driven movements like walking, squatting, getting down to and up from the floor, climbing, and carrying – all movements that impart strength and are required for whole body health and may just be missing from your life in essential doses.



$65 for a 60 minute session

$325 for a series of six sessions

*Barter/Trade/Paying-it-forward are possible options.


I use space at various locations in Yakima. I can come to you at no extra charge if you are located within Yakima city limits.

Book a Restorative Movement session today by calling Michele at 865-235-8278 or email at