Foot Love Session

footlovecoverDiscover where you may be missing strength, flexibility, and mobility in your feet. 

In a private Foot Love Session, I use alignment, corrective exercises, and essential reflex- and life-driven movements that are missing or consumed in too-low doses because we live hectic modern lives.

Many foot conditions, including pain, are exacerbated by disuse, combined with overloading underused tissue; thus communication between nerves and muscles decreases resulting in a decline in the health of both.

Foot health is critical because:

  • The state of your feet is a projection of how well you will be able to move as you age
  • Problems in your feet can greatly affect your knees, hips & spine

Did you know three habits that have the biggest impact on the health of your feet are:

  1. ALIGNMENT – How you position your body relative to your feet
  2. MOVEMENT – How, how much, and how much of your feet you move
  3. FOOTWEAR –  The shoes in which you spend the most time


$65 for a 60 minute session

$325 for a series of six sessions

*Barter/Trade/Paying-it-forward are possible options.


I use space at various locations in Yakima. I can come to you at no extra charge if you are located within Yakima city limits.

Book a session today by calling Michele at 865-235-8278 or email at