Restorative Movement Private Session

You are how you move, how much you move, and how much of you moves. The body you have now was created from your movement history – habits that left parts of you painful and immobile, while other parts continue to express health. As a certified Restorative Exercise Specialist,  I work with clients on improving movement nutrition, which, like a nutritious diet, is richly varied and well balanced. I teach corrective exercises that target specific body parts and lifestyle changes that bring more natural, reflex-driven movement into your life to strengthen your body so that you can meet your movement and health goals. Learn more about Katy Bowman and Nutritious Movement, where I received my certification.

Yoga Private Session

At the E-RYT 200 level, I have accumulated over 1000 teaching hours in yoga and have worked publicly and privately with hundreds of clients. I can help you:

  • craft a satisfying home yoga practice
  • learn modifications for common yoga postures to suit your body
  • coordinate with your physician/physical therapist to use yoga for rehabilitation

Foot Love Private Session

A Foot Love Session is 60 minutes of stretching, strengthening, and mobilizing your feet. While moving your feet in new, beneficial ways, you will learn about foot health – common problems, pain, basic anatomy, optimal alignment, best footwear choices, and more.

Foot Love Workshop

Mobile, flexible, and strong feet are healthy feet. Each of your feet has 26 bones, 33 joints, and 100’s of muscles, tendons, & ligaments.In this playful workshop, we move, stretch, and strengthen all of them! Improving sensory perception and motor control of your feet, combined with properly aligning your body in relation to them, aid in prevention and/or rehabilitation of many foot problems. Not only will you learn how to love your feet, you are sure to have plenty of fun doing so!

Contact or 865-235-8278 to schedule a Foot Love Workshop for your family, group, organization, or business.

Independent Research

I draw on my background as reference and research librarian to assist writers, teachers, and researchers of yoga and other movement modalities with their writing and teaching projects.


$100 for initial 90 minute evaluation session

$65 per session follow-up

Call for Workshop pricing


307 S. 12th Ave., Suite 20 in the offices of Dr. Kara Lolley & Associates, Yakima WA.

Book a  session today by calling Michele at 865-235-8278 or email


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