Prop Review – Alignment aka Toe (Spreading) Socks

If you’ve been to my Facebook page, you’ll have seen toe socks on my cover photo. I’m not referring to socks with little glove fingers in them, but socks like this:


Alignment socks are a great way to passively stretch your toes after they’ve been casted in shoes all day, particularly shoes with tight toe boxes that don’t allow your toes much mobility. Tight toe boxes don’t have to feel tight. Remember the tracing I made of my foot from matting paper earlier this week? I was unable to slide it into one of my favorite shoes because the stiff card stock would not yield or deform the way my foot does when I slide it into my shoe. This tells me that my toe box, even though it feels comfortable, does not have enough room to house my foot in a healthy manner. Toe boxes that don’t allow full spreading of your toes will cause the muscles that bring your toes together (adduct) to be tight and weak and those that spread them apart (abduct) to lose function.

When you don’t have time to perform the manual toe stretching and strengthening exercises I’ll be sharing on this blog, or you’ve already done them, then put on a pair of alignment socks. You can wear them for hours, while sitting or sleeping (not really meant to be walked in), to separate, stretch, and properly align your toes.

The Original Foot Alignment Socks can be had here for about $20

For quite a bit less money, around $6.00 a pair, you could try these from Amazon

Women’s Large/Men’s

Women’s Medium

Yep, I’ll be needing these socks after wearing these shoes…

cut out tracing of my foot

cut out tracing of my foot

does not fit into my shoe.

does not fit into my shoe.

Namaste, Michele

6 responses to “Prop Review – Alignment aka Toe (Spreading) Socks

  1. I am loving all of your suggestions. I am wearing toe separators from Correct Toes. They have a website and also mention shoes with wide toe boxes. I have purchased a pair of those also. I wear my Correct Toes separators to bed every night and wear them during the day when I can.


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